Luxury Clothing Line Promotes Size Inclusivity with Kim & Keyondra Lockett

In 2019, sisters Keyondra and Kim Lockett launched Jolie Noire a size inclusive luxury clothing line (XS-6XL) that celebrates the beauty and power of black women. The idea behind the brand came from the sister’s Louisiana, French roots, and the need for more Black, female voices in the fashion and merchandise industry.

Keyondra and Kim, blood sisters, are a singer/songwriter and fashion stylist, respectively, by day and lifestyle bloggers/vloggers by night. Their mission is to empower women, specifically black women, by changing how they view themselves. They aim to be a great example of stylish Christian black women.

Jolie Noire celebrates Black diversity and inclusion while offering stylish, high fashion essential wear for both women and men. Its wearable collection includes tops, bottoms, matching sets and accessories, custom designed in-house by the duo. The premium brand offers women a chic mix-and-match wardrobe with a powerful message and purpose.

In this episode, we discuss:

•how they got started

•the mission of the business

•who they are as a brand

•what it's like to run a family business

Connect with Kim & Keyondra:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoliexNoire/

IG: @joliexnoireapparel

Mentioned in this episode:

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Join the Speaker Moguls Community today. www.SpeakerMogulsGroup.com

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